How To Become A Cop

Security Officer Jobs

Security officer jobs make a good starting point for those who wish to make law enforcement their careers.

It's important for one to know how to become a cop and the steps in becoming a police officer.  A beginner can get into security work with little to no experience, and in many cases with only a high school diploma.  A search of current security openings reveals that about 42% require zero to two years of experience and 88% list the minimum educational qualification as a high school diploma or GED.  Most other types of law enforcement positions currently require at least a two year degree.

Many security positions are hourly, part time and not very well paid.  Most current openings show hourly salaries of between $9 and $13.  However, it can be an entry point to learn many of the skills required to become a police officer, and can help with expenses while getting a criminal justice degree.

Security jobs include duties of patrolling office buildings, government buildings, retail stores and malls, hotels, casinos, gated communities and apartment complexes.  Some security officers are hired by security companies that have contracts with various client businesses.  Other officers may work directly for large businesses office complexes, hotels or hospitals.  Security officers check in guests to the building or community, provide building information, and assist police in case of an emergency. In the case of retail store security, they may be responsible for detaining suspected shoplifters, enforcing parking violations and other laws.

 Security officer jobs are not only good for those at the start of a law enforcement career; they can serve as a good retirement career path.  The pace and hours of a security job may be desirable to former cops.  Lower pay and benefits may not matter as much to a retiree who already has a pension.  The patrol and surveillance duties of a security officer are certainly related to what a beat cop does.  Retired officers have the experience to work independently and to manage security for a company.

Security officer jobs utilize the experience and the training of the former police officer in a less taxing or stressful environment.  These kinds of jobs can also serve to ease the new law enforcement specialist into the field, and give them the experience they need to eventually compete for a full time position as a police officer.


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