How To Become A Cop

Reasons to Become a Cop

It's not only important to know how to become a cop, but why one should be a cop.  In addition to the intrinsic reasons to become a cop, the desire to protect and serve a community, there are a lot of other reasons based on job variety and specific opportunities.

Police work is expected to remain a growth industry at least through the year 2016.  Since 1994, when community policing got off the ground with a series of federal grants, more police officers have been hired for neighborhood-based programs.

In this model, beat cops get to know the people in their neighborhoods by name.  As a result, they can pinpoint the comings and goings of the trouble makers within the community.  This makes a big difference in getting these people off the streets, and either into jail, or preferably into more productive activities.

This type of beat policing can be rewarding, and is also very staff intensive.  It will lead to a lot of opportunities for new recruits over the next several years.  There is expected to be an additional 12,700 cops in California, 7,450 in Florida, and thousands more in other states by the year 2016.  There are only a few states; ones that are more rural or are losing population, that will not grow in the number of police officers over the next eight to ten years.

There are an ever increasing number of interesting specialties within law enforcement. Many of these specialties start at a higher pay range than the typical beat cop position. An individual with highly accurate marksman skills and, possibly some military training, may want to check out openings on SWAT teams, or the Air Marshal program.  For someone looking for one of these kinds of positions, the reason to become a policeman may have more to do with a patriotic desire to protect the security of the country, or a city from terrorists and from major crime threats.  The adrenaline rush that comes from a fast action career also attracts many to these specialties.

The interest in travel and in safeguarding our country may be reasons to become a cop in the military services or in other federal agencies.   Military police training can be a big plus in getting into a specialty job in law enforcement.  Military police can be found stationed world-wide. So are State Department security officers; those in the CIA and in the FBI.  People who go into these areas of law enforcement are strongly influenced by a desire to protect U.S. citizens while interacting with people in other cultures.  Foreign language skills will be important to those who want to go into Foreign Service law enforcement.

Individuals with great deductive reasoning skills and an interest in chemistry, biology, and forensics will list the fascination with solving crimes and putting the people who committed them behind bars among their reasons for becoming a cop.  Detectives go into that specialty to a large degree because of the investigative aspects of the job.

There are many reasons to become a cop beyond the basic “protect and serve” motivation that most police officers have.

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