How To Become A Cop

Private Security Jobs: Becoming a Bodyguard

Many who go into private security jobs are looking for travel, high adrenaline, and a high profile position.  Bodyguards often work for diplomats, top executives and famous people.  They sometimes protect families in foreign countries where terrorism, personal kidnapping and attack are rampant.  For someone with a hankering for some danger and intrigue, working as a bodyguard may be just the thing.

In order to be effective, the bodyguard needs training in counter-terrorism, handling armored vehicles, the latest in surveillance techniques & equipment, use of firearms, and protocols for protecting diplomats and other important people.  If there is frequent foreign travel, or the assignment is in another country, the bodyguard needs to understand the culture, and preferably the language, of the country where assigned.  Like other law enforcement positions, it is important for the prospective bodyguard to be physically fit and to have excellent firearms skills.  The right person for the job needs to have great powers of observation, good judgment.  This person also needs the ability to be discrete and to hold confidences.  Other qualities needed are the ability to work with a team and the ability to handle pressure.  There needs to be a level of sophistication that makes the bodyguard comfortable working for a diplomat, executive or famous personality.

Private security jobs are higher paying than most other law enforcement positions, ranging from $55,000 to $180,000, depending on the status of the employer.  Other benefits include frequent travel, first class accommodations, and transportation.  It may be easier to acquire the latest surveillance and protection equipment working for a wealthy private party.

These kinds of jobs are not appropriate for individuals who need to keep regular hours.  It may be difficult to maintain a home life because of the frequency of travel and irregular on duty schedule often experienced by bodyguards.  The bodyguard will often be on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the will of the executive or star.


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