How To Become A Cop

Police Training Supplies: Gear for Every Type of Duty

It is possible to purchase online a full array of police training supplies and duty gear to keep a police officer safer and more comfortable. As you are in a police training school or police training program, you need to start looking at these supplies.

 Among the most essential police training supplies are firearms simulators, often called “blue guns.”

These are realistically designed rifles and handguns made of high impact blue plastic used in police training.

Blue guns give cops the realistic feel for handling weapons without the danger of accidentally firing a live weapon during training exercises.

Other simulated training equipment includes plastic “blue” knives.

Another style of simulated firearms is the yellow plastic rifle barrel.  This simulated gun part can be fitted precisely into the gun stock and keeps free the ammunition chamber and trigger for a more realistic feel.

The online police equipment supply catalogs display a wide variety of equipment designed for comfort and convenience.

Among the gear available includes:

  1. Body armor

  2. Underwear to use under body armor to retain heat in winter and wick away sweat in summer

  3. Duty belts and key rings

  4. Thigh equipment holders

  5. Holders for batons, flashlights, mace, radios, phones and handcuffs

  6. Padded cases for guns, computers, and other equipment

  7. Cruiser organizers

  8. Evidence pouches and boxes

  9. Eyewear

  10. Badges and badge wallets

  11. Firearms and knives

  12. Non-lethal weapons such as pepper spray, gas masks and Tasers

  13. Metal detectors

  14. K-9 gear such as collars and leads

  15. Duty gear, including batons, flashlights, and handcuffs

  16. Bicycles and bicycle gear, including helmets, hydration systems and gear packs

  17. First aid kits and rescue tools

  18. Gloves

  19. Decals

Some of the websites where police training supplies and duty gear can be purchased include,,, and  There are many others, as well as many offline military and police supply stores throughout the U.S.


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