How To Become A Cop

Police Training Schools: Pick Your Specialty

Beyond the Police Academy, where basic training for cops occurs, there are many opportunities for advanced training. I would advise you get a college criminal justice degree. You can earn a criminal justice degree online and can even achieve a criminal justice masters degree online. It is easier now to get a degree than ever before. It's possible to also qualify for cop grants to help with the expense. Many police training schools are available to help the police officer focus on advancement.

The first advancement path is supervisory leadership.  For this type of training, a police officer would be well served to enroll for a masters or doctorate level coursework at a college or university in the field of Criminal Justice.

In addition to online research, there are many police training schools and police training programs. Check out college reference guides at the public library and look for schools with a Criminal Justice, Criminal Law or Law Enforcement Leadership programs within colleges and universities that are within the region in which you are located. 

Guides that may help are Barron’s’ and Peterson’s guides to colleges and universities. The Reference Department staff will be able to help you find resources to help in your search.

Search online and check regionally for advanced degree programs, then examine the pages that are online for that college or university and the individual law enforcement program. Then talk with the admissions officers or deans of the criminal justice programs you are targeting and submit an application.

Obviously, you will need to make sure you have the backing of your department and that you can adjust your schedule, or get an educational leave in order to complete the graduate degree program in leadership. What may work out best is a criminal justice degree online.  You can earn your degree while you’re working, and living at home.

Frankly, if current management within your department views you as upcoming management material, they will be eager to support your efforts to educate yourself.

Other graduate level programs that may be of interest to some police officers are forensic psychology and crime scene investigation programs. Individuals rarely go beyond the technician level without a masters’ degree or, more particularly, a doctorate in criminal psychology for those interested in the CSI field.

Higher level training is also highly useful for those wishing to apply for a federal agent position in the FBI, CIA, or other federal agencies.

There are other specialties where these kinds of schools can provide a certificate of competency during a course that lasts a few hours to a few days.  Among the special courses that some of the best police training schools include are subjects like:

  1. Kinesic Interview and Interpretation (learning how to tell when a person is lying or being truthful based on vocal and visual cues).

  2. Hostage negotiation

  3. SWAT team tactics

  4. Terrorism

  5. School violence and school liaison work

  6. Criminal investigation of electronic files

  7. Drug interdiction

  8. K-9 academy

  9. International criminal law

There are schools all over the country that will either provide extended graduate level training for specialized and higher level service, or short-term coursework to certify officers as experts in particular areas.


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