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Police SWAT Training: Lessons in Tactics and Teamwork

Among the best preparation for a police SWAT assignment is the military service. Individuals who have patrolled in a war situation understand what it is like to be part of a SWAT team in a hostage crisis or a drug raid.

For former military and civilian police officers who aspire to the adrenaline-rush action of a career as a member of a SWAT unit, to stay sharp, there is a requirement of constant practice and police SWAT training.

SWAT teams in most communities undergo police SWAT training on a regular basis. The whole unit undergoes intense practice as a team every year. Training exercises include grueling physical fitness testing, as well as firearms and marksmanship skill practice.  This embraces simulated situations, firing range practice, and scenario training that tests tactical coordination for both group and individual judgments under pressure.

SWAT team members must be continuously ready for intense physical and emotional demands that are placed on the group and its individual members in any sudden crisis event.

Generally speaking, it will take a minimum of three years in a patrol service position before a cop can qualify to be a part of a SWAT team.  The police officer simply needs to accumulate enough situational experience to understand how to handle the most highly charged and dangerous cases, that bring out a SWAT team.  They need to show supervisors that they have the kind of judgment skills that it takes when under fire, to make a good SWAT team member.

Once selected for a SWAT team, the new recruit will be sent for special training.  There are a number of SWAT academies around the country.  One of these academies is the National Tactical Officers Association.  They conduct a five day course which covers  “hands-on tactical formation and movement,” use of non-lethal weapons, how to handle chemical agents, communications & negotiation tactics, covert operations, firearms and field training.  Other topics typically covered in a SWAT course include handling barricaded building situations, search and building clearance practices, how to physically control people, terrorism and care of high risk dignitaries.  These courses are costly, but generally the assigning department will pick up the educational expense.

The police SWAT training is intense, continuous, and centered on tactics and teamwork.

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How to Become a Cop  Becoming a cop can be very rewarding and exciting.

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