How To Become A Cop

Police Officers Jobs

If you were to look at police officer jobs across the country, and even across the world, there would be a number of common characteristics.

It is because of these commonalities that agencies at various levels and sizes are able to send their recruits to a regional police academy, knowing that they will graduate, equipped to handle the common duties expected of all officers.  This is one profession where the training is hands-on, and directly applicable to what cops experience in the field. If you want a much broader range of law enforcement jobs available for you to pursue, you may want to consider getting a college degree in criminal justice. You can get a criminal justice degree online or even a criminal justice masters degree online.

All police officers must be physically fit enough to perform a rescue, pursue a suspect, or hunt for a missing person.  Police work includes hours of physical inactivity such as riding around in a squad car and writing reports.  That time is also interspersed with intense physical exertion.  Almost all police officers jobs contain some physical fitness requirements.  Even at command levels, administrators need to walk the walk and remain fit in order to lead emergency responses.   Police jobs also require an ability to work effectively with other people.  Great skills in gaining the trust of suspects, witnesses and community members as the cop comes into a community and break up disturbances, arrest suspects, and get witnesses to accurately recall what happened in a criminal incident.  Officers are also required to get along well within a team.  Being a lone wolf doesn’t cut it in police work.

Excellent powers of observation are a must for almost all police jobs.  A major function of police work at any level is to investigate crimes, both the physical details and the human elements.  Some investigators may specialize in the physical aspects of crime detection and will focus more on forensic technical work.  Others will specialize in the human, psychological aspects, and will spend time talking with witnesses and suspects.  Some police jobs mix both the physical and human aspects of detective work.

All the jobs for a police officer emphasize the public trust and require individuals of the highest moral character and ethical standards.  Police ethics require that officers be free from criminal activity, free from the use of drugs, responsible within their own families, be above board in all dealings with other staff members, and tolerate no lapse in ethical standards in others.  Part of the entrance examination for virtually all police positions is to be able to pass a polygraph test to verify that the officer is truthful in everything he or she says and does.

Virtually all police officers jobs require a heavy dose of report writing and occasional testifying in court.  Strong written and oral communication skills are required of most police officers.


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