How To Become A Cop

Police Officer Standards: Physical Fitness

So you have a desire to learn how to become a cop. One of the prerequisites is to be physically fit. This is one of the police officer standards found in virtually all levels and types of law enforcement positions.

Usually part of the entry level exam for new recruits is a physical fitness test.  Those able to pass the entrance requirements will get an additional dose of physical fitness at the Police Academy.

The requirements to become a police officer vary from place to place, but generally they will test you in the following areas:

Police Officer Standards are important for society, which allows only the best individuals to become a cop.

Unless the recruit is already in great shape, those preparing to meet police officer standards for physical fitness should plan to practice 6 to 12 weeks on calisthenics and cardio-vascular exercises to build strength and endurance before taking the police fitness exam.


How to Become a Cop  There are many requirements for becoming a cop.

College Criminal Justice Degree Get ahead with a degree.

Criminal justice degree online  This is a great way to get started!

Criminal Psychology Degree  If you want to specialize in police work, this degree could get you where you want to go.

Military Police Training  This is a great way to get free police training.

POSTC is a CALEA Internationally Accredited Public Safety Training Academy

Duties of a police officer  These duties always include the responsibility to respond to, and investigate reported crimes and complaints.

Police SWAT Training   SWAT team members must be continuously ready for intense physical and emotional demands.

Private Security Jobs   Private security jobs are higher paying than most other law enforcement positions.