How To Become A Cop

Police Officer Standard Training

Are you wanting to learn how to become a cop? No matter how the raw recruit on a police force has acquired the knowledge that qualified them to join the force, everyone will go through the same police officer standard training at a regional Police Academy. In addition to standard training, many pursuing a career in law enforcement get a college degree in criminal justice. Some even get a masters degree in criminal justice.

Everyone will need to master the four missions of the Police Academy in order to retain a job on the force: build character, hone problem solving skills, learn safety skills, and bone up on the law.

Each recruit must pass every course presented at the Academy, whether a lecture course, a physical fitness exam, or a practical field session on fire arms.

The standard training at most academies lasts about 24 to 30 weeks.  There are certified training centers throughout the country, and several in larger states.  Most are sent after being hired at their hiring department’s expense.  Many academies will accept civilians who pay at their own expense in order to have the certification prior to making application to various law enforcement agencies.   Course work that is typically taught at the Police Academy includes:

  * Criminal justice system

  * Criminal Law, Juvenile Law and Traffic Law

  * Investigations and evidence collection

  * Patrol procedure

  * Communications

  * Traffic investigations

  * Defensive tactics

  * Police driving

  * Safety practices

  * Crowd control

  * First responder

  * Self defense tactics

  * Conflict resolution

  * Physical fitness

  * Firearms training

  * Report writing

  * Simulated and interactive scenario training

Much of the five or six month course is in a classroom lecture format.  Some is covered as field training, including physical conditioning, firearms practice, and scenario exercises.

Every officer and prospective officer is expected to bring his or her “A” game to the training table.  It is critical that everyone show up on time ready to do well at every assignment.  There will be no excuses accepted for absence and no vacations outside of federal and state holidays.

It is important that anyone who is not in top physical shape prior to the Academy, train, in order to avoid being hurt during the first couple weeks of the Academy.  Sustaining an injury could wash the candidate out of the program.

Police officer standard training prepares every officer for the rigors of handling any emergency situation on the street. Check out additional training that can help move you forward in your career. Going for a college criminal justice degree and then a masters degree in criminal justice will help move you up the ladder much quicker.


How to Become a Cop  It is important to know what one needs to do to become a cop.

College Criminal Justice Degree This is the beginning to moving a step ahead of those around you.

Military Police Training  Starting a law enforcement career in the military can be rewarding.  It can get your foot in the door with much of the training you will need to be a police officer.

Cop Training  There are a lot of police training schools and police training programs available.

Criminal Law Degree Online  What a great way to get started in law enforcement.

Criminal Justice Degree Online  With this degree, you are well ahead of many other recruits.

Criminal Justice Masters Degree  This is a degree that will advance you to a leadership role in law enforcement.

Criminal Psychology Degree  This will help you get inside the head of those who are committing crimes.  This is a degree that could be used as a detective.