How To Become A Cop

Police Officer Degree 2012

Are you the type of person who feels you need to be set apart from the crowd?

Are you someone who is known for excelling at everything you do, and your passion is also to protect and serve your community and your country? Get started with a college criminal justice degree. You can even get a criminal justice degree online.

Then you may want to look beyond the basic 2012 police officer degree program, to a specialized area such as investigations.

Have you always been good at solving puzzles?   Are you keen at noticing details that others may miss or gloss over?

Do you catch inconsistencies?

Do you enjoy the sciences such as biology and chemistry and enjoy doing experiments?

If so, then a police officer degree from a program that teaches forensic science may be just up your alley.  There some are good one and two year certification programs, both online and in the classroom available to prepare crime scene investigation technicians find rewarding careers.   Just think, you could get a criminal justice degree online.

There are also a number of bachelor’s level programs offering CSI training.  In addition, those who will do autopsies as part of a crime investigation will be M.D.s with a specialty in forensic pathology and will require years of medical training.

Those who lead crime lab investigations and those who do profiling will often have PhDs in forensic psychology, and will need this specialized training in order to qualify for these higher level and highly specialized positions.  A criminal psychology degree could really pay off.

Another specialized investigations career path is in interrogation and interview, the kind of work done by police detectives as well as private investigators.  Private security jobs can also be exciting, where you become a body guard for a celebrity or famous person.

Detectives not only need to be good at examining the physical details of a crime scene, they also need to have the skill and training in psychology necessary to gain the trust and respect of witnesses and suspects.

The successful detective will also have the ability to tell when a suspect or witness is being truthful via verbal and visual cues.

Among the institutions with specialized forensics and investigations programs are Kaplan University, Everest Online University, University of Maryland University College, American Intercontinental University, Colorado Technical University, Rasmussen College, Utica College and St. Petersburg College.

Some of these programs are associate or certificate programs, while others offer a full range of degree levels.

A police officer degree program may also specialize in economic crime investigation.  Among the programs specializing in this field are:

  1. Utica College (BS and MS degrees in economic crime analysis and prevention which covers such topics as credit card fraud, online fraud, insurance fraud, bank fraud, and related topics)

  2. Belleview University (BS degree in Criminal Justice) features coursework on Loss Prevention, Anti-Money Laundering, Federal Law Enforcement, Corporate Security, Insurance Fraud, Security Control and other areas related to security in both the public and private sectors.


As a police officer, you'll maintain law and order, collect evidence and conduct criminal investigations.

Criminal Justice Degree Online  You can save expense and even train from a distance by doing an online program.

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Criminal Justice Masters Degree  Check online directories and career counselors for more information on specific criminal justice masters degree programs.

Criminal Psychology Degree  Correctional institutions employ criminal psychologists to evaluate and sometimes treat inmates.