How To Become A Cop

Police Officer Code of Ethics

In 1989 The International Association of Chiefs of Police Committee on Ethics adopted a revision to its 1957 police officer code of ethics.

This standard is the benchmark by which police officers in the United States and around the world are judged. Becoming a police officer is an honor and wonderful work. If you have interest in how to become a cop, you may want to check out online programs for college criminal justice degrees.

Some of the primary features of the Code include:

It is clear that the Police Officer Code of Ethics is designed to highlight what is expected in the demeanor and actions of an officer.  The public clearly requires trustworthiness, discretion, good judgment in using force and the powers of arrest that are given to sworn officers.


How to Become a Cop  It takes a person of the right character to become a cop.

College Criminal Justice Degree This will give you an edge over those who have no degree.

Steps in Becoming a Police Officer  Becoming a police officer is achievable, but there is a process that must be followed.

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Reasons to Become a Cop  Not everyone is cut out to be a cop.  Check this out to see if you fit.

Police Training Programs  There are many different routs to becoming a cop.  Check out the various police training schools.