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For many recent high school graduates it is difficult to figure out exactly what they want to do for a career.  Some do not feel ready for, or can’t afford college.  For others, a life of service maintaining the peace and order of a community are definitely on the short list of career options, but many law enforcement agencies don’t accept candidates who are under 21.  A great solution for many is to join the military and get the police training programs completed that are needed for a law enforcement career through military police training.

The Army military police train in four skill dimensions: 1) proficiency in the kinds of patrol, investigation and reporting skills that are required of the MP; 2) preparation to handle the human factors of the job; 3) training in teamwork; and 4) leadership skill training.  The skills and competencies are taught and tested with these four basic dimensions in mind.  Becoming a cop is hard work, but for a person who has a strong mind and a disciplined mind, the military police may be a good place to start.

Some of the coursework listed for the Army training school include:


  *Evasive Driving

  *Crime Scene Investigation

  *Special Agent Apprenticeship

  *Child Abuse Prevention

  *Physical Security

  *Counter Drug Training

  *Domestic Violence

  *Weapons of Mass Destruction

  *Dog Handler Training

  *Warrant Officer Training

  *Centralized Operations Police Suite (COPS)

The Army MP program uses the LEADEX leadership excellence training program which teaches critical thinking skills using scenario challenges.

All MP training is highly dependent on the officer’s actual job duties.  This training is related to skills that will keep soldiers and their family members safe, regardless of the cultural and environmental situations they find themselves in, around the world.

The training emphasizes specialized military topics that are very relevant to international law enforcement, such as antiterrorism.  Training and testing also includes topics that are common to the enforcement duties of all police officers, such as domestic violence and child abuse.  Military police are responsible for keeping everyone within the military community safe, including family members, dignitaries and local community members who work on base or come into contact with soldiers and their families.

Military police training may be an excellent way for the aspiring police officer to get his or her foot in the door.  After a stint in the armed services, the retired MP can easily go on to a career as a civilian police officer, for military police training is highly valued by those who hire for community law enforcement positions.

Another way to excelerate your career as a police officer is to get a college criminal justice degree, either online of in the classroom.


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