How To Become A Cop

Learning How to Become a Cop

There are lots of resources available to check in learning how to become a cop.

Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

   1.  Go to the local library and check out a police officer exam practice guide.  While you are at the library, look for career guides on how to be a cop and on various specialized law enforcement positions.

   2.  Visit with the local high school guidance counselor and pick up brochures they have on police work and criminal justice programs.

   3.  Check the Internet under such search terms as “learning how to become a cop,” “police training schools,”  "police training programs" and related terms.  Some of the more informative sites include:

  * International Association of Chiefs of Police



  *Peace Officers Association sites of various states

   4.  You’ll find e-books at several sites that will give you recommended physical training programs and exam questions for passing the police officer entrance exams.  Take the practice tests.    

   5.  Visit with police department officers and the recruiters’ office for your local police department.

   6.  If you are in high school, attend your career day.  A police recruiter will probably be present.  You can also ask them how to become a cop.

   7.  Arrange a ride-along with a cop.

   8.  Volunteer to assist at your local police department; become a community service officer, which is often a volunteer position.

   9.  Apply for the criminal justice degree program at a local college or university.  This is increasingly becoming a requirement for those wanting to go into law enforcement.  You can also apply for a criminal justice degree online. 

   10. Join the military.  Military police training will often substitute for all or some of a criminal justice degree program in qualifying a prospective officer for a police career.

   11. If hired, make every attempt to do well at the Police Academy.

   12. The most practical part of learning how to become a cop will be the on the job training that takes place after the Police Academy.  The rookie will be assigned to a field training officer who will be responsible for getting the new cop off to a safe start in his or her career. The rookie is expected to exactly follow the instructions of this more experienced mentor officer.

If you want to get on a fast track to a successful career as a police officer, you may want to attend a college criminal justice degree program, either in the classroom or through an online criminal justice degree program.

If you want to advance in that career more quickly, also get a masters degree in criminal justice.


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