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Jobs for Retired Police Officers

Police officers are typically eligible to retire after 20 to 25 years of service. Many will only be 50 years old at retirement.  In fact, most police officers are required to retire at fifty years of age. With that many active years ahead of them, few will be ready for the rocking chair.  There are many jobs for retired police officers that take advantage of these police officers’ law enforcement background.


Because the police officer is trained and experienced in criminal behavior, the law, investigation, detailed record keeping, and direct public service, several career paths become available:

  1. Private body guard – The cop is trained for armed conflict and has heightened sensitivity to situations that might be security risks. These individuals can generally get certified to continue to carry a concealed weapon in order to perform guard duties. Many celebrities like to have their own body guard to keep the fans at a distance while going about their private lives.
  2. Security officer – Most large facilities have security officers. Hospitals normally either have paid staff or they contract out their security needs. You may want to check with the local hospital personnel department to find out. If they contract out that service, find out the company who has the contract. They may be in need of additional officers. Malls and large department stores are other businesses that would typically have security guards. Also larger banks often have security officers. Several security companies are contracted by smaller businesses to offer surveillance after business hours to try to deter crime.
  3. Private investigator – While the private investigator may, on occasion, participate in the thrill of the chase, most of the time a PI job will involve the more analytical skills of the cop. Those with police officer skills are well suited for these kinds of jobs. They have been trained to use all of their senses and look beyond surface activity. Many individuals have in innate ability to pick up on suspicious activity. There are a number of private firms that do all kinds of investigations. This can include anything from investigating insurance fraud to child custody issues and everything in between.
  4. Nightclub bouncer – Many night clubs experience patrons who may have a little too much to drink. At times fights arise or people get a bit obnoxious.  This is a good job for a larger structured ex-cop, since he knows how to deal with these kinds of situations.
  5. Elected official, such as mayor or county supervisor.  The retired cop will be familiar with civil service protocol and many of the functions of local government.  In most communities, police officers are well known and respected citizens, and are in a good position to be elected once they retire.
  6. Armored car guard – There are a number of armored transport businesses. These jobs are ideal for a retired police officer. Armored guards travel from business to business, picking up the cash proceeds and transporting them to banks.
  7. Insurance investigator or claims adjuster.  The street or motorized patrol cop will have witnessed and written reports for many accidents over the course of a career.  The insurance industry needs individuals with this kind of experience and attention to detail to make insurance settlements for accidents and investigate possible cases of fraud in suspicious insurance claims.
  8. College professor – Many individuals that retire from the police force with a Master’s degree in criminal defense. This may qualify them to instruct related courses at the university level.
  9. Instructor at a Police Academy – The other option is to become an instructor at a police academy. A retired police officer could be a real asset to an academy. Especially if they have furthered their education over the years. A degree in criminal defense could pay off in getting one of these positions. Especially if he or she has a Masters’ degree.
  10. The strong customer service skills of many cops also make them ideal candidates to start up small businesses, particularly in retail, restaurant and bar establishments.  Likewise, the high public contact cop might enjoy work as a Realtor or Appraiser, or in crisis intervention.  These jobs require fairly short training programs and licensing exams in order to practice.
  11. Jobs for retired police officers who have remained in top notch physical condition include personal trainers or fitness center owners.  A possible career in high school coaching, or in Recreation Department fitness programs and coaching would be ideal for many retired police officers, as would community or church youth work.

The post-retirement job may also involve a specific hobby or skill.  Those with computer skills might become Internet marketers, while others may sell things related to their hobby on EBay.  A retired cop, who is good at woodworking, or other building trade, may find a new career as a carpenter or a contractor.  A retiree with an interest in accounting might prepare taxes for a post-retirement living.  The cop who likes to travel might go into the travel business and even start a travel agency.   Some cops will go back to school for a second degree.  In this case, the sky’s the limit for retired police officer jobs.  Teaching, counseling and ministry are all examples of other service professions that might be attractive to a retired cop with the appropriate additional education. Their life’s applications have equipped them with a very valuable background. With the right training they may find their second career to be just as rewarding as their police work was.


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