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There is really no such thing as free police training.  The question is, free for whom?  For most police department recruits, Police Academy training is a free five or six weeks of intensive, hands on, highly relevant training.  The recruiting agency will generally pay for Police Academy training. When it comes to a degree, you can apply for cop grants. Maybe you can also get a college criminal justice degree in the classroom or online with little out of pocket expense.

This is a great deal for the recruit.  Police Academy training gives all recruits a consistent skill baseline that they share with all other officers within their department.

Having a common experience contributes to teamwork, coordinated decision-making, and consistent understanding of best practices.

The Police Academy, even though not free for the taxpayer, is a great deal for the public.  Any program that builds better coordinated effort among police officers ultimately means a safer and more pleasant community.  Police Academy training mandated for every cop in a department brings about a consistency.  Even though the taxpayers pay for this training, it is generally speaking free police training for the cadet.


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