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Free Police Reports: Sex Offender Records

In an age when it is increasingly difficult to find a source for free police reports, one exception to the rule is the record of sex offenders.

Frequently, local police departments have these records searchable on their websites. There are also national databases where registered sex offenders are listed.  Check, for example,, which bills itself as the “National Safety Network.” At this site one can make a free search by address and find out registered adult and juvenile predators within a 1 to 3 mile radius of any address.

As one hovers the mouse over the location on the map, each address with a registered sex offender shows a picture of the offender, the individual address and whether their crime was against an adult or a juvenile.  The National Association of Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) maintain a map with the numbers of sex offenders listed for each state.  Over all, there are 664,731 registered sex offenders in the U.S., or 239 per 100,000 of population.   See

States with the highest concentration of sex offenders are South Dakota with 662 per 100,000 of population and Wyoming with 494 per 100,000. The lightest concentrations in the continental U.S. are in Pennsylvania with 78 per 100,000 and Maryland with 83 per 100,000.

Many people check out these police reports for sexual offenders and other offenders prior to moving to a particular neighborhood.  It is better to be forewarned about major criminal behavior in the area before buying a home.  Of course, this doesn’t prevent someone with a criminal past from moving into the area.  Many states do however limit the locations where a sexual predator can live.

Another form of free police reports employed by some states and local police departments are flyers sent out to neighbors in areas where registered sex offenders have recently moved.  This does not guarantee accuracy.  Sometimes an offender will pick out an abandoned building and register that address falsely.  Check out the accuracy of the information for yourself, and report any false information to the police.

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