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Criminal Law Degree Online 2012 - Training for a Criminal Justice Degree

Technically, those studying criminal law will be working toward a degree in either criminal justice (law enforcement) or a law degree (JD or Juris Doctor).  If you are wanting to become a cop, begin your exciting journey in law enforcement by getting a degree in criminal justice. There are master’s level law programs, but they concentrate on certain civil areas such as intellectual property rights.  Those taking a criminal law degree within law enforcement (commonly called criminal justice degree) may be studying at any level from associate to PhD.

Those in criminal law, whether in a law school or a criminal justice department of a college or university, study what constitutes the violation of felonies and misdemeanors at the local, state or federal level.  Law students study both criminal and civil law.  There are many programs for both tracks of criminal law degree online 2012 and in on-campus programs.

Those preparing for a criminal law degree in a law school or criminal justice department also have similar course work in the areas of collecting evidence and questioning witnesses and potential suspects.  Investigative training is important in both fields.  There is a close relationship between many city police investigation units and prosecuting attorneys.  It will often be up to the prosecutor to determine when there is sufficient evidence to charge a suspect with a crime.  The investigating officers and prosecuting attorneys will work as a team in determining when there is enough evidence to reach a conviction.

Both law students and criminal justice students are well schooled in the court system, and how to testify in court.  Understanding the criminal mind and criminal forensics are also topics that that are common to both programs.

For certain law enforcement positions, it is often helpful, or even required to have a law degree.  This is particularly true at the Federal level, where international law can be an important component, or where fighting terrorism and homeland security are major considerations.  FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, drug enforcement, and customs agents are sometimes hired with specialized degrees in law enforcement.

For those having problems finding programs online specific to “criminal law degree,” they need to search either under “law degree” or “criminal justice degree online” where they will find more than enough information and specific programs listed.  Also check out some of the links on this page.


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