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The Criminal Justice Masters Degree 2012

Increasingly, criminal justice positions require the critical thinking skills, technical know-how and maturity that comes with a criminal justice masters degree 2012.  Today’s society is so complex that it takes individuals who are constantly keeping abreast in the latest theoretical and practical research.  This expertise is also needed in order to lead effectively. If you haven't yet started your path in law enforcement, you may want to begin with a college criminal justice degree, either in the classroom or online.

In surveying a broad spectrum of the criminal justice masters programs available today, it is clear that they serve primarily two functions.  The first is to provide the skill set for officer advancement to command positions, including police chief jobs.  Some of the top programs that prepare students for leadership positions in local law enforcement or in other law agencies include:

  * Boise State University

  * Florida International University

  * Northeastern University

  * Northern Arizona University

  * Sam Houston State University

  * South University

  * Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

  * St. Johns University, New York

  * Texas A & M

  * University of Phoenix (several campuses)

  * University of South Carolina

  * Utica College

  * Villanova University

Many other masters programs emphasize specialized subject matter.  At the master’s level class work will generally be in small seminars to delve deeply into the theory of law enforcement and root causes of criminal activity.  They also research policy issues related to criminal justice.

Generally master’s level students will be expected to complete a research project and write a thesis before graduating.  Here is just a partial list of some of the criminal justice masters degree programs that specialize in an area of study, or of a particular methodology:

  1. American International College (public policy issues)

  2. American University (criminal law and policy)

  3. Boston University (specialized topics such as white collar crime, youth crime, terrorism, ethics, & forensics)

  4. Clark Atlanta University (Environmental justice, quantitative methods, and corrections)

  5. East Carolina University (research methods, seminars in law enforcement, corrections, criminology, court system, administration)

  6. Florida State University (criminology theory and research)

  7. Kent State University (causes and control of crime)

  8. C W Post (fraud and security administration, probation and parole, juvenile law enforcement)

  9. Marshall University (professional career, legal studies)

  10. Rutgers University (institutes on public security, justice and mental health, crime   prevention, corruption studies, police studies)

Many more could be listed.  Check online directories and career counselors for more information on specific criminal justice masters degree programs.


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