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Can I Get a 2012 Criminal Justice Degree Online?

There are many accredited 2012 criminal justice degree online programs available at the certificate, associates, bachelors and masters level.  Many of these programs are associated with well-respected brick and mortar campuses. Just think, you can get a college criminal justice degree without sitting in one actual classroom.

To find a good online program, there are many paper copy directories of online programs.   One of the more recent publications that should be available in your public library is Bear’s Guide to College Degrees by Mail and Internet by Mariah P. Bear.  This guide lists 1000 accredited schools that offer associates, bachelors, masters, doctorates and law degrees through distance learning.  This would be a great place to start to find the right program to meet your specific needs.  Keep in mind that you can get a criminal law degree online.

One of the more comprehensive online directories is  It seems to be comprehensive with dozens of programs listed under the various criminal justice degree levels. There are also reviews of many of these programs on this site. is another of several comprehensive online directories.  It is important to make sure that any program selected is accredited.  An officer might find a prospective employer reluctant to count the educational qualifications if they are from an unaccredited program.  Those officers seeking law degrees, a criminal psychology degree, or PhDs in psychology will also have to make sure that their programs satisfy requirements for being able to take the professional licensing exams.  Few online programs will qualify at these higher educational levels.

Many of the online programs are divisions of well-respected “brick and mortar” colleges and universities.  Among those with online divisions that have criminal justice programs are:

  *Boston College

  *Bowling Green State University

  *University of Maryland University College

  *Regis University

  *Norwich University

  *Florida Tech University

Again, there are many other 2012 criminal justice degree online programs available to meet every conceivable criminal justice specialty.  With online programs, distance is no barrier.  Prospective students can look for the schools with the best set of courses, the best reputation and at the most affordable price.

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