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Cop Grants Available to Attend College

Millions of dollars are given annually to individuals who are attending accredited two year and four year criminal justice programs. If you are planning to go into law enforcement, you may also be qualified for one of the many cop grants that are available.

The one thing that may make the difference in you becoming a cop or not is being able to acquire one of these grants.  The additional education you receive will broaden the chances of landing your ideal job as a cop.  More and more frequently, employers are requiring a four year degree for their new recruits in law enforcement.  Fortunately, there is money available to go to college for law enforcement people in most cases.

You may want to check state and local police or sheriff’s associations to see if there is a scholarship program for higher education in criminal justice.  If so, that may be a good place for your quest for cop grants.  Some of these programs require the recipient to serve in a police force “in state” for a number of years after receiving the education.  In California, for example, there are grants available for the children or spouses of law enforcement officers.  Some states give scholarships as a memorial to fallen officers. Some universities have specific criminal justice degree programs, and offer grants to applicants of their program.  There are many sites online where students can look for financial aid by degree field, some of which will narrow the available grants to criminal justice or other cop programs.

Churches or civic organizations are also good places to search for grants.  Some potential police officers will even find the pot of gold for education through the companies who employ their parents.

Apply for Federal Student Aid at The filing deadline for federal applications is June 30 of each year.  Applications can be made online for this aid. Most federal grants require financial need, U.S. citizenship, and graduation from high school.  The applicant must be accepted or enrolled in a qualified college or university, and may not have a delinquent federal financial commitment.  They also cannot have any drug abuse conviction.

Students should also check with the financial aid officer at the university where they have been accepted.  High school counselors can also be of assistance in finding these kinds of grants, scholarships, and internships.  Those in financial need may also be able to find a work study program.

There are so many financial opportunities that are available, that virtually all prospective higher education students should be accommodated.  Cop grants should be easy to find one way or the other.


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