How To Become A Cop


College With Criminal Justice Degree

There are literally hundreds of law enforcement degree programs in the U.S.  Many of these programs are online listings.  Others specialize in an on campus class room.  It is easy to find information online to locate nearby and online programs.

The comprehensive directories will locate criminal justice degree programs close to your zip code.  They are also often searchable by level of degree, name of degree program, and by state.  Some lists specialize in online colleges and universities, while others list both on campus and online criminal justice degree programs.  Some indicate whether the program is accredited.  It is important to only pick a program that has been vetted through a regional accrediting association.

Comprehensive online directories, such as or, will give you a good place to start on a search for the right program.  After narrowing to the criteria you have in mind, go to the school’s website, contact their admissions officer, and check with a high school career counselor to get an idea of the academic ranking of the University.


Getting a Criminal Justice Degree Online

College with Criminal Justice Degree

How to Become a Cop

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