How To Become A Cop

Blank Police Reports - where to find them

There is not much uniformity from state to state or department to department as to the format of blank police reports that are available online for the public to download.

Some cities and states do a good job of making forms available online, while others do not.  Some states provide online fill-in-the-blank forms; others provide downloadable PDF or DOC forms that can be completed on the user’s computer, or printed and filled out by hand.

The one form that is usually available at a police department site, or through the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) on the state level, is an accident report form. Virtually all states require that vehicular accidents over a certain dollar amount of damage or any level of injury be reported by the parties involved.  To fail to report the accident within a defined number of hours may result in a suspension of their license.

Blank police reports for accidents generally include an area to describe the location, time and description of what occurred.  Parties to the accident are to list their name, drivers’ license number, vehicle information, and as much information as possible about the other vehicles involved.  There is also room to sketch the accident scene, as well as room to describe it.  It is also necessary for insurance information to be entered on the form.

Accident participants should carefully follow the instructions on the form before filing it.

Other types of blank police reports will depend on the community and the state.  Typical forms at the state level include:

Police department forms at the community level include:

 Some online services create blank police reports that can be filled out and turned in to police departments and other agencies.   The police department can work with those services to customize the report format. One such service can be found at


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