How To Become A Cop

Becoming a cop is hard work

Becoming a cop is not for the faint-hearted. Becoming a cop is hard work. It is physically demanding.

Someone who is out of shape or overweight will need to train hard for several months in order to be successful in the fitness challenge.  For others, the most challenging part of becoming a cop will be the classroom work that must be mastered, and for others it will be the special circumstances that are required of the policeman.

Prepare physically by working on conditioning before taking the entrance exam for three or four months. There are e-books available at the PoliceLink fitness training site that will give a workout plan for those who want to get in shape. Former Navy SEAL, Stew Smith has a site at that is full of training tips and materials.

The hardest part will just be getting started with a consistent program of strength and endurance training, and sticking with it throughout the career. As a police officer the consequence of not being in great physical shape can be life-threatening to the cop and the people the cop has sworn to protect.

Becoming a policeman is hard work for those who don’t like to study for written exams. There are so many subjects that a cop needs to know thoroughly in order to be successful on the job. A cop needs to know about criminal law and the codes of their own community. They need to know the correct procedures for investigating and arresting a suspect.

The cop needs to have the training in psychology to investigate and interrogate suspects properly, and to calm down hot dispute situations. Questions on written and oral exams that will be taken in order to become a cop will test whether the candidate has the knowledge to be successful.

For others, becoming a cop is hard work because of a variety of other expectations and requirements:

Individuals who are willing to prepare physically, mentally and educationally for a career in law enforcement will reap the rewards of a challenging and fulfilling career.  Nothing worthwhile comes easy.  Start this rewarding career by first learning how to become a cop


College Criminal Justice Degree

If you work hard to get your criminal justice degree, this will help tremendously in finding a great job as a cop.

Criminal Justice Masters Degree

Getting a masters degree is hard work, but well worth the effort.

Cop Grants

Millions of dollars annually is given to individuals who are attending accredited two and four year criminal justice programs.

Learn how to become a cop

There are lots of resources available to check in learning how to become a cop.